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Overproduction: Falling out of Fashion

Fashion’s impact on our environment is unignorable. But for brands, consumers and industry regulators alike, there isn’t a single solution. We need to consume less, upcycle, recycle, innovate better materials,...

Meet Anita, our Pattern Engineer

Adapting sewing patterns to customer body measurements is a crucial part of ZyseMe’s mass customization solution. We sat down with our Pattern Engineer, Anita Heiberg, to talk about what drew...

H&M Lab announce ZyseMe collaboration (EN/DE)

H&M Lab Germany announce ZyseMe collaboration, Just.Perfect! Under the name Just.Perfect, H&M Lab Germany will be working with ZyseMe to offer customized H&M shirts on demand. This collaboration sees H&M offer...

ZyseMe at NEONYT (EN/DE)

ZyseMe is proud to be part of this year's Neonyt – the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation.   Neonyt celebrates the people inspiring positive change in our industry. We can't wait...

ZyseMe Company Video

Check out our first company video to see what ZyseMe is all about....