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Our Zyse | Episode 3 | Our Process

The ZyseMe team explains how our innovative production-on-demand process works. Our Zyse is a series of short interviews explaining the ins and outs of our mass customization solution from different perspectives...

Meet Ulla, our Product Manager

Ulla Hildebrand has been with the company since it was a small tailors trying to crack the online market. The company has changed massively since then – and so has...

Our Zyse | Episode 2 | Our Industry

Bobby Östberg (CEO & Founder), Maurice Burger (COO) and Moritz Borgmann (CTO) are joined by Anita Heiberg (Pattern Engineer) and Nicole Kalagayan (Business Development Manager) to discuss current consumer trends,...

Meet Moritz, our Chief Technology Officer

Moritz Borgmann joined ZyseMe in 2015 and became Chief Technology Officer last year. We sat down to discuss the fashion industry’s current tech challenges and how ZyseMe’s digital solution can...

Meet Anita, our Pattern Engineer

Adapting sewing patterns to customer body measurements is a crucial part of ZyseMe’s mass customization solution. We sat down with our Pattern Engineer, Anita Heiberg, to talk about what drew...

Meet Maurice, our COO

Maurice Burger is the Chief Operating Officer at ZyseMe. He has been with the company since 2017. Here he talks about what he’s learned from fashion, technology, and why he...