ZyseMe | Meet Ulla, our Product Manager
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Meet Ulla, our Product Manager

Ulla Hildebrand has been with the company since it was a small tailors trying to crack the online market. The company has changed massively since then – and so has her role. 


You’re one of ZyseMe’s longest-serving employees. What’s changed?

Both the company itself and my job have changed a lot. When I started we were still running a B2C business and I was the Ecommerce/Marketing Manager.

It was a bit unclear where the company was heading in those days, but smart hires and focusing on ZyseMe as a B2B application have united the team in a common goal.



Were you always interested in fashion?

Since I was a little girl. I’m not sure why because my parents aren’t particularly interested in it. But my great grandparents were tailors so maybe it skipped a couple of generations!



Why did you want to work at ZyseMe?

I love fashion and spent most of my professional career working in the fashion industry. Over the past years my attitude towards the way fashion is produced, sold and consumed started to shift a lot though.

With fashion getting cheaper and seasons changing in the blink of an eye, the product itself has lost a lot of its former value. Those same factors have made the industry one of the major causes of pollution and social exploitation.

ZyseMe is a place where I can contribute to a positive change, work on making a product I love better, and recreate the sense of value clothes once had for consumers.

What keeps me here beyond that is the team. I love the diverse characters and working together on new challenges every day.



Why and how did you go from Marketing Manager to Product Manager?

As a marketer, my strength and passion was – and still is – in understanding and communicating with the consumer. When the company switched from B2C to B2B the audience we were speaking to shifted, thus switching to Product Manager allowed me keep focusing on the end-user. Of course, I still work with clients, but in more of an organizational role. I save my creative energy for the consumer.



Describe a typical day for you at ZyseMe.

No two days looks the same for me. I’m generally the link between tech and everyone else, so meetings are the only constant.

Beyond that, I’m usually wireframing, writing, presenting, mapping or discussing problems away. There’s a lot of variety but I basically make sure that everything to do with the product runs smoothly – from creation to implementation to user experience. 



Given your preference for relaxed, oversized clothing, is ZyseMe something you see yourself using?

For me it would be less about fit and more about being able to decide on certain design features or fabrics. I love the idea of actively taking part in creating the clothes I wear. Even though I could theoretically tailor my own clothes, I never do because it’s so much work. I often find myself trying on a piece of clothing and wishing to do minor changes – changing a neckline or removing a pocket, for example.

Anyway, even oversized clothing should fit a certain way, so I wouldn’t say that custom-sizing would be absolutely irrelevant to me!



How else do you see the fashion industry evolving?

I think there will be fewer seasonal trends. Style tends to be guided by an individual’s subculture. I don’t think most consumers are interested in reinventing themselves each season. ZyseMe will make it easier to evolve their wardrobe over time, all within the parameters of whatever style they identify with.