ZyseMe | Meet Maurice, our COO
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Meet Maurice, our COO

Maurice Burger is the Chief Operating Officer at ZyseMe. He has been with the company since 2017. Here he talks about what he’s learned from fashion, technology, and why he sees ZyseMe as an industry gamechanger.



How did you get into the fashion industry?

Both of my parents worked in the fashion industry and served as great role models, so it felt natural for me to follow their path into fashion.



Did anything surprise you about the industry?

After a few years in the field I grew tired of the disparity between shiny showrooms and manual production practices. Hungry for foundational change, I started looking for alternative business models and identified technology as the best chance to improve the status quo.



Speaking of technology, you also volunteer at the German Research Center for AI in your spare time. What do you do there?

I co-author reports on new developments in the field and consult industrial and government stakeholders. My research work has allowed me to gain insight into AI on a more fundamental level. That sparked the development of our expert system to complement our machine-learning-based AI algorithms.



Why did you want to work at ZyseMe?

ZyseMe combines my passion for technology and artificial intelligence with the field in which I happily grew up – and which I hope to drive towards a positive, sustainable future.



What’s a typical day for you at ZyseMe?

A usual day is composed of working with our teams and external partners to advance the company commercially, operationally and strategically.



What have you learned as ZyseMe’s COO?

Integrating a new business model into existing supply chains requires partners who think innovatively and are willing to take a leap of faith towards a positive future.



What impact do you think ZyseMe will have on the fashion industry?

I think ZyseMe will accelerate the adoption of the on-demand production model, reducing waste and overproduction, and creating a healthier market for everyone involved.



How else do you see the fashion industry evolving?

I believe the days in which brands dictate seasonal trends are over. Consumers will take more and more control over what they want to wear, how they want to buy it, and how they want it to be produced.

Retailers and brands will increasingly rely on the use of artificial intelligence to satisfy their customers’ demand for personalization. Yet these companies lack the skillset and engineering talent needed. They’ll need to become more responsive to working with startups and external software providers to keep pace with the Amazons and Zalandos of this world.



How would ZyseMe affect your personal shopping habits?

I would shop almost exclusively online if ZyseMe was available in all product groups and with my favorite brands and retailers.



How would you describe your personal style?

I am a minimalist. I never wear logos and generally enjoy timeless basics that are made to last.



Check out Maurice discussing ZyseMe in our Company Video